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Subscribers are eligible to purchase Doug's Nanosilver for protection against the Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

Doug will ship Two 2-ounce bottles of his Nanosilver Concentrate that makes Six Liters (10ppm) of Nanosilver Solution ($600+ value) for a $50 donation (includes shipping - 2 orders max) for Newsletter Subscribers living in the United States.

Welcome to is dedicated to identifying and sharing the truth about the Holy Scriptures, the 911 Inside Job and Project Black Star to benefit others.  The three primary areas of research appear on the sidebar with six introductory videos and related articles.

The Project Black Star Investigation has been tracking the invisible-collapsed binary twin to our Sun, through the Leo, Virgo and Libra Constellations, using the earth changes since January 2011. The research and predictive modeling have identified May 2020 and possibly 2021, as times for potential global catastrophic events that include Black Star magnetically-induced geological pole shifts requiring contingency planning for neutralizing all Black Star-related threats. Terral puts out a weekly newsletter including YouTube update reports and is heard on various radio show venues.


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Final newsletter issues are uploaded to the Dropbox folder each Thursday afternoon by 3 PM Eastern Time, including links to the video update reports and radio interviews. Donations to support the research are greatly appreciated. Those seeking alternative payment options can write Terral using the contact information at the bottom of the page.


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Terral's first book, The Mystery Explained, is available for purchase. (Read Press Barnes&Nobel

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Special thanks to Sharon for sending me healthy mold-resistant sheets made from Bamboo. Really great sleeping.

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Special thanks to Kurt for sending me one of his bed fans a truly remarkable device I highly recommend. 

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